About us

>          The Acion LLC established in 2006. We provided legal advice, training and research to the state and private organizations. In 2013 Law of the lawyer’s legal status passed by Mongolian Parliament, the Acion law firm LLP is reorganized according to new Law in 2015. Our law firm prepare due diligence, legal proposal on the state and private companies which is cooperative project with us, and review documents of tender and legal research on the new laws according request of clients.

>        Our law firm consist of ambidextrous and experienced 12 attorneys who has 5-30 legal practice, 3 legal specialists who are credible people of clients. We represent client in most significant five aimag /territory/ in Mongolia.

Our mission:

It is a law firm that protects the legitimate rights and interests of its clients in accordance with the law, is a trusted partner, and is a leader in the legal field.


We aim to introduce a new level of legal advice that meets international standards, and to introduce innovative initiatives to protect the interests of businesses and citizens operating in Mongolia.


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Acion Law Firm, Acion хуулийн фирм